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Nov. 5th, 2011

rolo, code geass

Be Gentle, It's My First Time

So this weekend, I went to an event that I've never been to the likes before. It was a kink event (with a heavy geek tinge painted over it, which added a lot of fun).

After a harrowing 2 hour drive (I sort of hate NJ a little), I arrived to the hotel and was able to check in early, which gave me a moment to relax before getting my registration.

Although the organization wasn't great and the schedules were a touch confusing to read (they were broken down based on room, organized like D&D charts, which was cool, but not great for organizing). Also, because of some issues, all the events were pushed back an hour (which meant one of the last ones I went to was at 12 pm, rather than 11 pm, but that's okay).

First was Basic Safety, where I learned about keeping your head when accidents happen. It was interesting, and a small group, so it was a nice welcome to the world, since this was my first time venturing into it.

Second was Sharp Things Put Bluntly, which was using knives for play in a more sensual manner, rather than a painful one. It was interesting the different tools that can be used in addition to knives, as well as the technique that is best used and how to care for the tools. Of course, the amusing engineer stressed safety as well. It was hilariously funny and education, and the speaker had a great presence. I think one of the best things was learning about the use of lobster tongs.

After that was supposed to be Science of the Submissive, but due to some technical difficulty, the presenter really only gave a Q&A, which was interesting, but I slipped out early to get some browsing done. 

And I came across a shop with all of these. I MAY have missed the point of this convention? Was I supposed to geek out?


Then I headed over early to get a good seat at Flying Solo at Kink Events. That actually turned out in my benefit, because I came in on the tail end of Kitch Convertibles, which was especially educational on how to make toys from much cheaper items (and I may never see a horse sweat scraper the same again).

This was an amusing class that covered what to do/plan at a kink event when single or not coming with a partner. It gave a lot of interesting points, especially about being approachable (even if just for making new friends, you pervs!). I definitely took that to heart, since I tend to be reclusive and spent most of Friday with my nose in a book. So Saturday I applied some of the basics and more people talked to me (thought my LGBTerrfic shirt probably helped some too!).

Friday night I stumbled to bed around 1 am, when I'm sure lots of people were getting their funk on.

Saturday started off with a breakfast buffet ($9.50 for a breakfast buffet *snorts*), where I tried to look approachable and felt disheartened when no one talked to me (except to take the chair at my table). I went back to my room, did some searching and then readied to check out of the hotel.

After that was Anatomy of Masturbation, which while not exactly educational, did bring up some interesting points, and gave away handfuls of condoms (“They already think I'm running a brothel. You can't just return 500 condoms.”). Then I snuck out early to get to Yoga for Kinksters.

Yoga for Kinksters was pretty much just a normal yoga routine with some lewd comments (“Just think about if you did this on your back.”) and some comments on how this would be beneficial for Bottoms (and sometimes Tops). It was a fun class, although yoga always makes me dizzy, and the instructor, while totally into her thing, drinks booze and eats meat (“But hey, I'm happy, unlike some yogis.”).

I sat in the lounge and people watched while I ate some crackers (again, feeling dizzy after yoga), instead of grabbing giant burgers from the Big Bang Burger Bar (which was $12, not unreasonable for the size of the sandwiches, but my stomach wasn't feeling it.) Then I went shopping ;) And if I had a partner, I may have been more tempted to buy something aside from the adorable amigurimi that I purchased.
He needs a name, any suggestions?

After that I headed back to the yoga instructor for some Breath Work for BDSM (different from breath play) where I learned about how breathing can be used to curb or create emotions (according to Chinese beliefs), and how this can be used in the dungeon. It was useful, as I used some of the techniques to not get angry on my drive home (with the sun in my eyes the entire 2 hours).

Last was Zen & the Art of Beating the Heck out of People where everyone was given a psuedo-bamboo cane (it was split instead of solid, and I gave mine to someone who came in after they ran out) and the instructor taught a different striking technique and about keeping a Zen-like mine while playing. This was interesting because it was definitely aimed at Tops, and this was the first one really like that that I attended. Also, I got to see some demo caning and knifing.

I really had no idea what to expect going into this thing, being exceptionally green and having few friends that are interested (at all). I texted my friend while I was there, explaining how educational everything was, and she made a joke of “So horrible XD” (which, in retrospect may have been because our previous convo was about a lawyer discussing a case in which someone was fisted to death).

But all the classes were very educational! Everything in the classrooms and hallways was very tame. One class (sensual knife play) had women without tops on and the caning had two women in bra and panties. All very tasteful. I'm sure there were other parts that were kinkier (and involved less clothing), but I didn't venture there and it was built as such that you'd kind of have to go looking for them, at least a little (which I know was a concern of one of my friends).

It's a very tight knit community and so many people already knew each other, but while some weren't interested in meeting knew people, a lot of the staff made it a point to strike up conversation with people (and they actually remembered my name!) and I didn't really meet anyone mean or anything. It was a very positive experience and I'm very glad I went.

May. 5th, 2011

ginko mushishi

On Identity

I wrote up a post about identity and categories and such. Here. Feel free to respond here or there, if you feel so called to respond :)

Apr. 10th, 2011

tenchan, petshop of horrors, d

Made a decision

I've decided on something, something which may seem amazing to some of you.

I'm going to get rid of some of my books.

Now that you've gasped in amazement (or shock or horror or boredom), I'll add that it probably won't be a huge number of books (considering the number I own), but there will be a chunk. Most will be books I'll never read again (or never read in the first place). Some will be old, some newer, some in good condition, some in poor.

I plan on offering friends and family first grab at the books, so if there is one that you're interested in, you can get it before I dispose of the rest whether I sell them, offer them for trade on GoodReads, give them to goodwill or donate them to a library.

I will post the complete list once I've had a chance to go through the books I have in storage and I will alert all the appropriate people when that list is posted.

That is all.

Jan. 27th, 2011

ginko mushishi

Snow up to here (From Thursday)

(I forgot to post this here yesterday. Soo, yeah)

Here in PA we're getting the largest storm of the season so far, at least it looks to turn out that way if the snow we're expected to get tonight amounts closer to the 8 inch mark. So my normal Wednesday activities are canceled (aside from work, of course), leaving me two extra hours to "get stuff done." On schedule? My computer, editing CL, and washing my dishes (does it ever end?). The exciting life.

My computer (aka, the desktop) was very sick. So I reinstalled Vista (business) from my friend's disk, but because it just "wrote over" what was already there, saved some old files, and didn't remove my partition, the virus (who is a sneaky duck) remained. Yesterday my friend came over to remove the partition (thus wiping the harddrive) and installed Vista (home premium) for me (legit version, since I've got a product key). She seems better now, and I've begun re-installing all those lovely programs I had before. I get to re-install more tonight. It doesn't even bother me, as long as everything is virus-free.

Editing is going well for CL! I'm up to page 113 of 158 (ETA: 138 now), and I don't think it sucks. It might not be brilliant, but I think I'll be okay with handing it off to my three betas for whatever horrors they'd like to report back. I plan to get it to them at the end of the month. They'll get it back to me when they do (hopefully no later than March 15, but I'm not putting time limits on them). I've begun compiling lists of publishers (do they take simultaneous submissions? do they list standard contract rates? do they give time lines?) and it gives me squirmies in my stomach. Thankfully once I send CL off, I'll have to wait a minimum of 2-4 weeks (more likely a minimum of 4) before I hear anything. That's a month of freedom. (Well, sorta freedom since I have stories waiting to be written, glaring at me from my flash drives.)

You don't need to hear about my dishes.

Also, on one of my various other communications, you may have heard I'm having stomach troubles. It's been going on for the last week and is a serious annoyance. I can eat, but some things set it off, but not every day. Monday I felt back to normal, but then halfway through Tuesday, my stomach did it's rumbling and my throat clenched up and UHG, it was back. Again, this is just a minor inconvenience (and I think I had similar problems in high school). But I'm pretty certain it's not contagious, so no worries.

Finally, I'm thinking of signing up for some writing classes at the local community college, if they offer them next semester. I think it'd be a good idea to get more consistent feedback and forced to write outside my comfort zone a bit. Or maybe see if there is a "writing circle" in the area (very much doubt it). I don't want my skills to become stagnant! (ETA: When I got home there was information on the next semester and there is a “Creative Writing Sampler,” which is $99. My only fear is that it's going to be too remedial, but how pompous is that?)

...and really finally, this time: Patric Michael, an M/M romance author, recently fought off cancer, a really rare lymphatic type. Wishing on a Blue Star was going to be a memorial book for him, but is now a celebration of him and his strength. You can find it for free at Dreamspinner Press. I've just started reading it and will post a review when I'm finished.

Dec. 31st, 2010

ginko mushishi

Better in 2011!

So, resolutions for the new year:

Body: Work on siting up straight. I've noticed my slouching has gotten worse and I think it's exacerbating my tight back/neck muscle situations. Plus, it's just generally a good thing to sit straight.

Mind: Read at least one "real" book for every 2-3 romance novels. Not only will this help my writing (by giving me variety and a fresh palate), but hey, I might actually learn things by reading nonfiction too!

Soul: Meditate once a week. My guess is that this will be the first to fail. I'm being flexible on length and all that sort of thing so I'm more likely to succeed. I just need to take some time to relax and breath and refocus my energies so I don't get worn down like I did this summer.

Other things I'd like to do this year:
* Work more on being published.
* Get my tattoo. (It's only been planned for the past 6 years.)
* Read more books I already own. (Stop laughing.)
* Get more fit. Really just need to get back into routine of working out after work.

Dec. 13th, 2010


Going Barefoot

Today's blog post is all about the philosophy of going barefoot!

Dec. 12th, 2010

fairy tale


Who do you write for?

I ask because authors always say to "write for yourself" and not your audience, which seems like sound advice. Lately, and this may be incited by my blues, I haven't felt like I'm writing for myself. I've been writing more out of habit than passion. I'm not writing for an audience, since I don't have one, but when I do write I can't help but think "What will my audience think of this?" Is that wrong?

I also want to broaden my reading shelf. Lately all I've been reading is M/M romance, which is good and all, but I think it's killed my creativity. Or at least tied it up and shoved pillows in its face. I used to write stories that didn't involve romance at all, but now there is always at least a romantic plot line. What happened to me?

(I, of course, have theories on the matter: Because I'm single and rather happy with the rest of my life and romance is the one thing I'm missing, that is what I tend to focus on and want happy endings for. Also, I think I write what I read.)

What's one book that you think is an absolute MUST read that doesn't involve/focus on a romantic relationship? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Dec. 9th, 2010

ginko mushishi

I may have forgotten

So I didn't link any of my posts during nano, so if you want to read about me contemplating my noveling, feel free to check out back issues.

Here's me whining about winter, depression and..well..that's it, mostly.

Nov. 8th, 2010

fairy tale

Four new reviews!

I've been doing alot of rereading, so my reading of new things has slimmed down. Also, I've noticed my language use has suffered due to dumbed down writing, and I need to amend this.

Every Good Thing by M. Jules Aedin

Braided by Sean Michael

Flipped Fables - an anthology

Island of Icarus by Christine Danse

Oct. 29th, 2010

rolo, code geass

More Reviews..nearly done!

I've almost caught up with my reviewing!! Almost...

Every Good Thing by M. Jules Aedin

Braided by Sean Michael

Flipped Fables an Anthology

Enjoy my reviews! (please)

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